Mi Robot Builder

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Mi Robot Builder

৳ 10,000

  • Dimensions
    Packaging380*320*95 mm
    Construction methodBuilding blocks
  • Processor
    CPU32-bit ARM Cortex Mx processor
    Clock speed108MHz max
  • Storage
    Internal32Mb Flash
    Expandable storagenot supported
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth connectivitySupport
    Wireless 2.4GHz sensorsSupport
    Wi-Fi Type-C adapterSupport
  • Power
    Battery11.1V/18.3Wh lithium battery
    Adapter14V/5V output
  • Motor
    TypeServo Motor
  • Sensors
    Interface Expansion SensorSupport
    Wireless Extension SensorSupport
    Gyroscope sensorBuilt-in
    Infrared sensorExternal (not included)
    Ultrasonic sensorsExternal (not included)
    Color sensorExternal (not included)
  • Software
    Smartphone remote controlSupport
    Voice recognitionSupport
    Gravity sensing remote controlSupport
    Programming controlSupport
    Smartphone programmingSupport
  • System compatibility
    Android 4.3 and above, iOS 6.0, and above


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